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elow is my resume in viewable HTML format.


In my 14+ years of working in IT, I have had the privilege of working with many, many fine organizations in a variety of roles including Technical Director, Project Manager, Manager of Web Systems, and Lead Software Engineer. I have worked for Government Agencies (for which I have a Top-Secret Security Clearance), Healthcare, Manufacturing, Private, Non-Profit, and commercial IT businesses.

Throughout my career I have learned a variety of technologies and for this reason I am regularly consulted for strategic project planning. Though my career work has overlapped several IT areas, my primary focus is that of Web-Related Technologies (which as you probably know is a big area in of itself).
In particular, my can-do technical skills are strongly focused on:

  • Websites
    • Design (GUI, usability)
    • Development (HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, RoR)
    • SEO (Auditing, Reporting, Optimizing)
  • E-Learning
    • LMS Development
    • Course Design/Development (using HTML5/JavaScript, Flash, Flex, PHP)
    • LMS and LMS Course Management (deployment, management, and integration)
  • Databases & Data Management
    • Database design/optimization
    • Procedural development
    • Installation, configuration, and management
    • Implementing databases as needed by projects (Postgresql, MySql, MS SQl, NoSQL, XML, JSON)
  • Applications
    • Design/Prototyping/Development (C#.NET, C++, and some VB.NET)
    • Developing automated services
    • Console & GUI App development

Summary of Qualifications

  • Extensive project management, technical oversight, and leadership experience
  • Management of both small and large teams and projects
  • Leader in process improvement and rapid development standards
  • Dependable, trustworthy, dedicated, and positive team mentor & motivator
  • Thorough knowledge of web application design/development best practices
  • Experienced and up to date; focusing on RIA, Web, & Multimedia Development
  • Proven experience with developing small & large systems focused on user interaction (learning, simulations, game)
  • Diverse technical knowledge spanning many types of industries including government, non-profit, medical/hospital, utility, public service, international aviation, child services, and manufacturing
  • Active U.S. Secret Security Clearance
  • View my online portfolio at: http://www.byrnemedia.com


Development Expertise

Actionscript 2.0 & 3.0, Papervision 3D, Flex 4 (Flash Builder), Ruby on Rails, Ruby Gems, jRuby, XML (XSD, XSLT, XUI), Java, Cairngorm, JavaScript (AJAX, JSON, DHTML), CSS, PHP 3-5, ASP, ASP.NET, SOAP, MySQL, MS SQL, SCORM, Lingo (Director), Section 508 Accessibility Compliance


Ruby on Rails, Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI), Google Web Toolkit (GWT), ExtJS 2.0, jQuery, Prototype, Dojo, Scriptaculous, OpenLaszlo, Gaia Flash Framework

Process and other Technical Expertise

Project Management, Project/Software Architecture Design, UML (Process Design & Use Case Analysis), Microsoft Project, ISO Configuration Management (CM), Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), Audio Scoring/Production/Mastering

Application/Tools Expertise

Adobe Flash CS4, Flash Media Server (Streaming Video), Flex Builder, Eclipse, NetBeans, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Contribute, Director, After Effects, Microsoft (Office, Project, Visio, SharePoint), XML Spy, Audio Production (Live, Cubase, Pro Tools, Wavelab), Apache/Tomcat/MySQL, XAMPP, LAMP, Windows 3.x - Windows 7 (currently Beta), Mac OSX, Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Knoppix)

Professional Experience

Department of Defense Contractor DC, PA, FL (2004-present)

Technical Director - National Defense University (NDU) Program ($5.5 M)

  • Managed projects and individuals under this program
  • Provided resource planning, project planning, technical guidelines, and development support with Flash, Flex, PHP, and MySQL technologies for all project teams
  • Work directly with the NDU CIO to develop & manage project plans and deliverables
  • Collaborate with and unify on-site and distributed team members
  • Defined technical standards & boundaries for all projects
  • Initiated several efforts including the NDU Document Management System (DMS), NDU universal authentication system, NDU Center of Excellence (training dept.)
  • Oversee & guide development of Flash/XML based learning applications
  • Administer Web Server (Unix/Apache/Tomcat/PHP/MySQL)

Project Manager - Executive Development & Assessment Program (EADP)

  • Author Project Management Plans, Quarterly Project Status Reports
  • Responsible for interfacing directly with client and managing budget & project resources
  • Managed project team, scheduling, and tasking
  • Provided advisory & support for development & design team
  • Designed EADP RIA and rapid development completed with Ruby on Rails
  • Testing, Quality Assurance, & Deployment of Flex-based E-Learning content
  • Successfully fulfilled initial $1.2M contract effort, and was awarded multiple follow-on efforts ($195K, $110K, & $500K) due to client satisfaction

Lead Developer - (0ver 14 separate projects)

  • Established project requirements & designed overall architecture
  • Managed development schedule & team tasking
  • Developed several reusable tools & applications, which greatly improved project team efficiencies while improving quality control (Review tool estimated to save 60% for review process, Courseware suite estimated to save 30-50% in development process)
  • Authored an extensive system built with Flash, Flex, PHP, XML, & MySQL to streamline the development of simulations, interactions, and courseware content – This system OOP and facilitates add-on component development and reusability
  • Developed XML data-driven Flash courseware & simulations with Actionscript 3
  • Developed Flex 3- based architecture to support Instructional & Graphic Design Staff for managing all courseware assets (content, graphics, and media) and storing the necessary information in XML
  • Developed complete Document Management System (DMS) using Ruby on Rails & ExtJS Framework
  • Package, test, & deploy SCORM packages Blackboard as well as other various Learning Management Systems (LMSs) including (Sum Total, Meridian, Moodle, Plateau, & Learn Center
  • Developed sustainable & modular SCORM conformant courseware
  • Hired and Mentored peer & junior staff to foster & encourage improvement

Telecommunications FL (2003-2004)

Software Engineer
  • Work to define enterprise system requirements for FTTP (Fiber Optic to the Premise) Program
  • Managed team and schedule for program
  • Draft system work flows & fault tolerant procedures
  • Identify and define system and human risk factors
  • Brief directors on program plans, status, successes, and failures

Technology Solutions Provider FL (2003)

Software Engineer
  • Designed & developed database-driven web applications & websites with Flash, PHP, ASP, and HTML/JavaScript
  • Developed database applications for mobile appliances for PA One Call Utility System, and Florida Dept. of Child Services
  • Architected databases to support corporate-wide applications at Shriners International Headquarters
  • Installed network devices & implemented security protocols for remote web access at SW Florida International Airport, University Community Hospital, Shriners Hospital, & others
  • Designed and developed voice activated, touch screen hospital bedside application using Microsoft Speech API, MS SQL, Visual Basic, C++, Streaming Video, Java Media Framework (JMF), Flash, PHP & HTML/JavaScript

Manufacturing & Engineering Pa (2001-2003)

Assistant Systems Administrator
  • Contributed to development of corporate ERP system
  • Designed & Developed corporate website & web applications using PHP, MySQL, HTML/JavaScript, Flash, and PEARL
  • Provided application technical support to sales, management & engineering staff
  • Managed corporate users/groups accounts, permissions, & security
  • Build & repair corporate computers, networks, & CNC/production machines
  • Installed wireless network for handheld scanners to monitor production

Freelance (2000-Present)

Web Developer/Designer, Audio Production
  • Project Management using Microsoft Project and Dot Project
  • Graphic Design using Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks
  • Developed websites and applications using Flex, Flash, PHP, MySQL, HTML/JavaScript, AJAX, XML/CSS
  • Developed large-scale websites using CMSs and Portals such as: Joomla! and Drupal
  • Provide SEO and general accessibility technical expertise
  • Design and develop large relational databases using MSSQL and MySQL
  • Audio scoring, recording, and production

Education & Associations

  • 2002 B.S. Computer Science, PA
  • 2004 OPSEC Training-Counterintelligence
  • 2005 Leadership Development Training
  • Secret Security Clearance Training
  • Member of the Pittsburgh Adobe User Group
  • Member of The Climate Project Training Team
  • 2007 Dale Carnegie Course Graduate


  • 2004 “Improving Educational Courseware Team Processes”
  • 2005 “Best Practices for Web Content Development & Deployment”
  • 2006 “EngineX Training: Using Flash/XML to Expedite Development”
  • 2007 “Education Technologies Team Development Lifecycle”
  • 2007 "Rapid Prototyping with Ruby on Rails"
  • 2009 “SCORM Workshop” for United States Department of Defense


References Available Upon Request

Examples of Work Available at http://www.byrnemedia.com